Set Up our own bussiness


Whoa! Today was/is                good!(you can fill it with whatever you want)

English class. We talked and talked and talked!!!

Suddenly I recegnized everybody was silent and Mitra and me had disscution (دیسکاشن:|) ourselves and everybody even our REAL CRAZY teacher was silent!!!


Then we went to most Esfahan place in our city!!!

(بله. منظورم اصفهان ترین جای اصفهانه!!!)

Sepah st. and go on!!! All lovely😍😍😍

We bought things, came over and did funny things!!!

We built up things. It kills you but, money is nice😍

So nice:)

Our shop's name may be HAVIJ!😍 

I want the best 4 us;)

Wish us luck😄

Got any thing to say?! PM please^^

۰ موافق ۰ مخالف
These are things coming out of my head.
Sometimes bullshite
Sometimes good things.
That's it!
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طراح قالب : عرفـــ ـــان قدرت گرفته از بلاگ بیان