I thinked about it so much, and I realized that all of my friends are too good. And actually I don't deserve them... I really don't cause they all are so much unique! But me...Just a simple crazy wierdo!

I really miss Mr.Madahian... Such a cute boy he is... I really wanna have another class with him!

I saw Mr.Ghobe... And when I thought about his classes etc I found out that during 2 levels he told us?"No whispering in my class," and Mitra and I was always talking in his class and he said nothing! Yes... Some times it felt like he wanted to kill us but he never did anything!

There was another thing I wanted to talk about in this post but I don't remember that important thing:||

You know... I usually go to ILI by subway... Today I wanted to go faster so I went by bus... I had headphones and I was listening to a nostalgic music... I went on a bus and I was reading sth in phone... Then I looked around after 5 minuts and I found out that I took the wrong bus:|| And it went to a highway and I was compeletly LOST:|| The Internet didn't work and I couldn't use Snapp too and Mommy and Daddy wasn't in town so I was the lonlies girl ever! So with misery I found the right bus and took it and riched the class 5 min late:/ If I used the subway I wasn't THAT late:/

Oh! And I'm thinking about wich class should I attend after English... Spanish or Franch?! If I wanna spend rest of my life around the world Spanish is better ... If I wanna go to university abrode Franch is better 4 art university... And If I wanna migrate some day... German is a good choice!IDK!

Oh... And I'm studying Chemistery... It's not that bad... But I should've started earlier like always...:'( But I love it :)

I think I have nothing else to be told    .... Wish you a great weekend darlings:)

۰ موافق ۰ مخالف
These are things coming out of my head.
Sometimes bullshite
Sometimes good things.
That's it!
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