Now I just deleted my Instagram, Tweeter(not sure about spelling) and Youtube, and even my VPN! I had to start again with sth!

My taraz is a disaster now, cause it was like I was hibernating... But I hope that I'd be woken up by now.

My English is terrible now. I cannot remember many words now and that's a real shame 4 me.

And let me tell you sth. I think I've started to have feelings about a real person in my life. And I cannot tell anyone about it, cause it'll be just a start for a trouble! So eventhough we meet a lot I should stop myself and that's so fucking hard.

Also, I read an interview of Shawn.it really changed the way I thought about him. It made me feel like that he is a real human with his own problems and stuff(here is the 3rd place that I wrote this sentence!) But I still have a crush on him. And the good thing that with thinking about Shawn, I think much less about M&M and that is a really good thing.

The last thing I wanna mention is that I still have no clear clue about what I wanna do with my life. Have no spicific plans... I have to think alot about it:))

۰ موافق ۰ مخالف
بهم سر بزن اگه وقت کردی.
Lucky u...
U can c him at leeeest!
But me.. i even donno where the hell is he and what is he doing and is he ok and...........

We are all like this these days! Donno what the f is goin on with life! But u know what? It was killing me dont know what to do with this mess, so I choosed the way I love,the way I think I will be happy in.I know maybe in future i will say my self"what the fuckin decide u did" but tommarow isnt here now and idont have to be worry about it and fuck world and it's people. I dont live more than once so i will do what makes me happy

Believe me, not noticing him is tge best thing in such situation we're in right now!

The best posdible decision you made! But rn I have no fucking idea. So confused. And I even cannot let go of some useless thoughts and that make things worse. I think i'll die in a mess

Hoooow!!! There is no way to forget him, when u walk in str and see sb like him, or when u c him and his acts every where, how can u forget his fucin lovely smile?

This is what we have to cross over & there is no other  chois!

I agree there's no way but you must try!! 


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